Make Your Own Accent Light with Concrete and Some LEDs

Now that LED strips exist, it’s super easy to make your own lighting. Case in point, YouTuber Darbin Orvar shows off her light cube packed between a couple of slabs on concrete.

The easiest part of the this project is wiring the LEDs to a USB port, which just requires a small amount of soldering. From there, the concrete is formed, then the shade is made from a polycarbonate sheet. The end result is a clever looking little light that can plug into any phone charger with a USB cable. Of course, you don’t really have to use concrete if you don’t want to, but the video provides a pretty good base idea for any number of different materials.

7 Exercises That Reduce Stress Better Than “Trying to Relax”

young-man relax

Research suggests that most Americans suffer from moderate to high levels of stress, adult stress levels are increasing (American Psychological Association, 2015; Clay, 2011), and a sizable portion of adults report that they do not feel they are doing enough to manage their stress (American Psychological Association, 2015). It’s essential to have tools to cope with challenges, especially because stress has been linked to higher mortality rate, depression, anger, fatigue, muscle tension, headache, and upset stomach, and anxiety/panic (Anxiety and Depression Association of America, n. d.; Clay, 2011).

Learn Effectively, Develop These 4 Skills

Learn Effectively, Say your thirtieth birthday is approaching, and as a sign of this new level of maturity, you’ve decided to add a bit of value and refinement into your life. You’ve toyed with several ideas, including becoming a wine connoisseur, a poet laureate, a yoga instructor, a ukulele player, or a juggler. You finally settle on learning a new language, Korean. You are inspired and sprint at maximum effort for three or four weeks. Then your energy and enthusiasm dwindle, and by week five you’ve learned enough Korean to order badly at a restaurant and offend the regulars. So, you decide to take up the ukulele. A month later you’ve learned to play a poor rendition of Happy Birthday. Bored and disenchanted, you quit again.

So, the question becomes, how do you become an effective learner and expand your horizons?