Meet The World’s Oldest Cat

Corduroy was adopted from a shelter in Oregon in 1989.

Are you able to think about that? This lovely boy was as soon as homeless! 
Instagram | @oldestlivingcat

However now? He is very effectively liked.

Does not this seem like a cat that will not give up? He simply wants slightly energy nap once in a while! 
Instagram | @oldestlivingcat

Along with naps, belly rubs help maintain Corduroy as happy as happy can be.

 Have you ever seen a cat this content material? 
Instagram | @oldestlivingcat

And we higher not overlook about chin scratches!

He completely loves them. 
Instagram | @oldestlivingcat

After all, spending time outside is tremendous essential too!

It helps keep this cat as wholesome! Simply wait till you see him in the grass! 

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