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Meet The World’s Oldest Cat

Cats are infamous for having 9 lives. Regardless of how a lot hassle they get themselves into, they only bounce again — generally fairly actually. That is what makes cats so a lot better than dogs, right? Cats persist.Actually, I am fairly sure my gray cat Molson, who ran away towards his better judgment, is still going robust on the market somewhere. I can see him now, sitting again on someone’s porch, begging for meals, looking round, and simply loving life as a free cat.

However, this is not a narrative about my beloved misplaced cat. It is a story about one other cat: a cat whose life is so unbelievable, he simply could not give it up for the following one.

Meet Corduroy!

Right here he’s searching the window into his bright future that simply does not give up. 

Instagram | @oldestlivingcat

He is the world’s oldest living cat and has the Guinness World Record to prove it.

Right here he’s hanging out on the fence within the sunshine. 
Instagram | @oldestlivingcat

In case you need to send him a birthday present, his birthday is August 1, 1989.

That makes him 26 years outdated or 121 in cat years! Right here he’s chilling out: 
Instagram | @oldestlivingcat

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