11 Hidden Messages On The Dollar Bill

dollar bill

It may only be worth a dollar, but lately, the dollar bill has been getting a lot of attention. Type “dollar bill secret messages” into Google or YouTube and you’ll see every conspiracy theorist there is crawl out of the woodwork.But whether it’s the Illuminati, the Freemasons or whoever else they’re falling over themselves to accuse of secretly running the world, the dollar bill is supposed to hold the clues.

This probably isn’t helped by the odd imagery the dollar bill does contain. Although much of it has more to do with the way symbols can change meaning over time than any secret messages. The dollar bill was supposed to help mark the birth of a new nation. Yet, with all the worry its designs have caused, it may have been too elaborate for its own good.

So let’s run through some of these subtle touches and get to the bottom of what they actually are.

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1. This little peeking figure.

Some think this very small image is an owl or a spider. As far as anyone can tell, it was really just a slip of the original engraver’s hand that nobody noticed at the time.

2. The letter in the circle.

This symbol marks which Federal Reserve bank the bill came from. This one’s from San Francisco, which is the 12th bank to make up the reserve and so is marked with the 12th letter.

3. The number 13.

The pyramid has 13 steps, and the eagle is holding 13 arrows and an olive branch with 13 berries, and has 13 stars over its head. Anyone who sees a conspiracy forming can relax and remember there were 13 states when the US began.
Parhamr | Wikimedia Commons

4. The Roman numeral at the pyramid’s base.

It just spells out 1776, the year of American independence.
Parhamr | Wikimedia Commons

5. The Star of David.

Legend had it that this shape was included to honor the Haym Solomon’s contributions to the American Revolution. It’s a nice thought, but it’s not true. The Star of David shape wasn’t intentional and was probably an attempt to copy the stars of the original American Flag.
Parhamr | Wikimedia Commons

6. The Maltese cross.

Each of the bill’s four corners has this criss-cross pattern. Some say it’s a reference to the Knights of Malta, but it was also just a popular design at the time.
Parhamr | Wikimedia Commons

7. The Eye of Providence.

This controversial image had no connection to the Freemasons because they weren’t using it at the time. It was really supposed to symbolize God’s watchful eye over the country’s good fortune. Hence “in God we trust.”
Parhamr | Wikimedia Commons

8. The Hindu God, Shiva.

The pattern marked here is supposed to look like Shiva but doesn’t seem different from the rest of the background. It’s probably just a common case of people seeing a pattern where it doesn’t exist.
Parhamr | Wikimedia Commons

So those are the symbols you can see just by looking at the dollar bill.

To get a few other popular ones, you have to move the bill around.
Facebook | Fashion House

9. If you fold a $20 bill like this, it spells out “Osama.”

Although, in order to fold it that way, you’d have to be trying to achieve that. Otherwise, you’d end up with something like “U Tates Eric.”
Huffington PostGetty Images

10. Fold the dollar bill’s eagle into its pyramid and you get “THE GREED STATES.”

Well, sort of. You might notice there’s still part of a “T” left over in that picture.
flickr | Baby Dee

11. But if some of the conspiracy theories still have you creeped out, remember this.

By their logic, the dollar bill also has the Triforce from the Legend of Zelda video game series hidden inside it.
YouTube | chowfatfat
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Collage image via Facebook / Fashion House

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