This is The Cutest Species Of Cat

caracal cat


We all think our cat is the cutest cat. You are wrong. My cat is the cutest cat.The only cat even close to being as cute as her is maybe the Caracal.

What is the Carcal, you ask? Only the cutest species of cat ever.

The name Carcal comes from the word “karakulak” which means “black ear” and boy, do they have the cutest ears ever.

Instagram | @sergey_polyushko

They live in Sub-Saharan Africa but I don’t think people haven’t found a way to cuddle them in their own homes.

Instagram | @sergey_polyushko

These kitties grow up to be 40 lbs, so not your typical house cat.

Instagram | @mikailapatritz

If you thought your kitty runs fast, Caracals will have them beat. They can get running up to 50 mph!

And if you’re not impressed yet, maybe just stare into their adorable eyes a little longer.

reddit | MundoDexter

Seriously, they are mesmerizing…derp.

Instagram | @nataliyasavannahscat

Look at them jump!


And play with their toys.

I’m dying from cuteness overload.

Instagram | @olin131

Caracals can be domesticated.

Instagram | @antonikaboutique

But make sure to check if they are legal where you live.

Instagram | @xanthus_metalhead

But how could you ever outlaw this cuteness?

Do you want a caracal cat now?
Instagram | @ksena_art

Main Image via Instagram | @olin131

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