14 Things to Make Using Ribbons

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We all have a few random rolls of ribbon kicking around the house — probably intended for gift wrapping — but somehow we can never seem to find them when needed. But I’m here to tell you that ribbons are good for more that just putting a bow on a gift or in a child’s hair. Ribbon comes in so many sizes and styles, and in many cases they can be more cost-effective than buying a yard of fabric for that project you’ve been putting off.

these are 14 things to make using ribbons

1. Use them in your card-making.

This card is graphic and festive, and such a simple technique.
Karen Dunbrook | Snippets

2. Hang them as decoration.

Depending on how long you cut the pieces of ribbon, you can have a cute little garland or a whimsical curtain.
Etsy | luxuryribbon

3. Turn a boring milk crate into a pretty storage bin.

Just weave wide ribbons through the plastic mesh.

4. Weave into your smocking, crochet, or other fiber projects.

the smocking indexJanet Gilbert | Sew Beautiful

5. You can also weave it into large squares of “fabric.”

Turn those squares into things like this cute clutch!

6. Bright ribbons can become vibrant pillows.

Instructables | rajinder kaur

7. Or a gorgeous cover for a notebook.

I need this notebook in my life. Now.
Flickr | Abimael Estrada

8. Create an elegant place setting.

I love how the bit of ribbon and greenery can bring this table setting together.
Aaron Delesie Photographer | Style Me Pretty

9. Pretty keychains.

A large enough loop of ribbon can allow you to use the keychain as a wrist cuff for when you need that certain key with you and available at all times.

10. Add an elastic and a button for a cute bookmark.

These will mark your place without falling out the way some of the cheap cardstock ones can. 

11. Learn to fold a rose.

You can use these ribbon roses in all sorts of other projects. 
YouTube | Grushenkova Olga

12. Cover a plain lampshade.

The white-on-white weave of this project is very elegant. 

13. Go a bit more industrial with a wire lamp shade.

You don’t need to cover the existing fabric of a shade. Buy a wire frame, or just remove the old fabric, then weave ribbon through it for your own look.

14. Make cute animals cuter.

A couple layers of ribbon can make really cute collars for our furry family members. Don’t they look dapper?

Adorable baby elephants love ribbons too!

Be sure to share this list with any friends you think would also love these projects!
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