12 Tricks For People Who Hate Dusting


Dusting sucks. There, I said it. I have been known to put it off as long as humanly possible, which isn’t good for my home or my allergies.

Learn from my failures and don’t let your house become the #1 party spot for all the neighborhood dust bunnies. These dusting tips can help keep your home dust-free with the least effort possible.

1. Clean your ceiling fans without the mess.

Ever turn the fan on only to find it’s flinging dust all over your clean room? Surprise! You’ve forgotten to dust the blades for a while! Cleaning a ceiling fan is a pain, but this trick of using an old pillow case to wipe and contain the dust at once makes it much easier. Just shake out the case in the yard and toss in your next load of laundry. 
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2. Save money on dusting refills.

Sometimes you put off dusting simply due to the cost of refills for your tools. Don’t let that stop you. Instead, pull a fuzzy sock over your Swiffer and dust away. The fuzzy fibers will trap the dust and wash right out in the laundry.

3. Make your own no-sew duster.

With a microfiber cloth and some fabric glue, you can make reusable refills that fit your duster handle. Cut the cloths into strips for maximum dusting power. 

4.Get to those high places.

A microfiber cloth wrapped around your broom can help you dust those high places without raining the gunk down onto your head. The broom gives you reach, while the cloth traps the dust before it can fall. 

5. Control electronic static with dryer sheets.

After you’ve done your laundry for the week, reuse the dryer sheets to dust around your electronic devices. The anti-static properties of the sheet will slow down the accumulation of dust that plagues them. Don’t use new ones though, because you don’t want fabric softener on your TV screen!

6. Make your own dusting spray.

Avoid the harsh chemicals and funky smells of store-bought dusting sprays in favor of making your own. You’ll know it’s all-natural, and you’re able to choose your scent — and repel dust from cleaned surfaces for a bit longer than dry dusting. 

7. Use tongs to clean those blinds in a jiffy!

Don’t put off cleaning your blinds because they’re time-consuming. This trick using microfiber cloths and a pair of kitchen tongs will save a ton of time, and trap the dust in so you’re not sneezing every five seconds!

8. Keep vents cleaner for longer using car wax.

The cleaner your vents are, the better the air flows around your home, and the slower the dust can accumulate. By coating your vents with car wax, the dust and dirt will have a more difficult time sticking to the surface. And when you do need to clean them, the dust will wipe off easily. 

9. Use a lint roller to clean lampshades.

Lampshades are often made of fabrics that dust clings too, making feather dusters ineffective. Instead of tearing out those feathers in a fit of rage, switch to a sticky lint roller to get the dust off the first time. 

10. Change your furnace filter regularly!

When your furnace filter is clogged, there’s nowhere for the dust to go except into the air and onto your furniture. So change it regularly. If the cost of filters is an issue, spend a little extra upfront to purchase washable ones that you can reuse over and over. 

11. Don’t forget your vacuum filter, either!

If your vacuum can’t suck air through a clogged filter, then it’s not going to suck up the dust in your home. Replace the filter regularly, and if your model has a washable filter, you can run it through the dishwasher to clean it without any fuss. 

12. Dust first! Then vacuum!

Don’t make your job harder than it needs to be, and always clean in the right order. If you vacuum first, the dust will float around in the air and not be on the surfaces you intend to wipe clean. When the air settles, that dust will be right back where it started.

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