10 Easy Ways to Rise Earlier Than Anyone Else


You want to get a head start on your day. You know that you have more energy in the morning, and have heard the old cliche about the early bird drilled into your head from childhood. But you just can’t get yourself to bridge the gap between the idea of doing it, and the actual doing it. What can motivate you to get up, out of bed, and on with your day earlier?

Here are 10 ways to get up early and catch that worm!

7 Exercises That Reduce Stress Better Than “Trying to Relax”

young-man relax

Research suggests that most Americans suffer from moderate to high levels of stress, adult stress levels are increasing (American Psychological Association, 2015; Clay, 2011), and a sizable portion of adults report that they do not feel they are doing enough to manage their stress (American Psychological Association, 2015). It’s essential to have tools to cope with challenges, especially because stress has been linked to higher mortality rate, depression, anger, fatigue, muscle tension, headache, and upset stomach, and anxiety/panic (Anxiety and Depression Association of America, n. d.; Clay, 2011).