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Meet The World’s Oldest Cat

Cats are infamous for having 9 lives. Regardless of how a lot hassle they get themselves into, they only bounce again — generally fairly actually. That is what makes cats so a lot better than dogs, right? Cats persist.Actually, I am fairly sure my gray cat Molson, who ran away towards his better judgment, is still going robust on the market somewhere. I can see him now, sitting again on someone’s porch, begging for meals, looking round, and simply loving life as a free cat.

7 Reasons Smartphones Make You Lazy

smartphone make lazyness

A lot of people have suggested that we rely too much on our smartphones to do our thinking for us. I can’t really make an argument against them, can you?

Considering how many people rely on their phones, instead of their brains… I’m not surprised. People who are less analytic (but have a strong intuition) use their smartphones to “think” for them, reports this study.

Just how smartphones are making us mental couch potatoes… is something I’d like to find out. Let’s find out together!

11 Hidden Messages On The Dollar Bill

dollar bill

It may only be worth a dollar, but lately, the dollar bill has been getting a lot of attention. Type “dollar bill secret messages” into Google or YouTube and you’ll see every conspiracy theorist there is crawl out of the woodwork.But whether it’s the Illuminati, the Freemasons or whoever else they’re falling over themselves to accuse of secretly running the world, the dollar bill is supposed to hold the clues.