10 Very Cute Crochet Creations

Have you heard of Amigurumi? It is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. Creatures that are quite possibly the most adorable crochet things I have ever seen. Amigurumis vary in size and there are no restrictions about size or look, which is great because people who crochet really let their creativity soar. I am not sure what you would do with these but they are so cute! Here are some of the cutest ones I found. Take a look and let me know what you think!


14 Things to Make Using Ribbons

flower ribbon


We all have a few random rolls of ribbon kicking around the house — probably intended for gift wrapping — but somehow we can never seem to find them when needed. But I’m here to tell you that ribbons are good for more that just putting a bow on a gift or in a child’s hair. Ribbon comes in so many sizes and styles, and in many cases they can be more cost-effective than buying a yard of fabric for that project you’ve been putting off.

these are 14 things to make using ribbons


12 Tricks For People Who Hate Dusting


Dusting sucks. There, I said it. I have been known to put it off as long as humanly possible, which isn’t good for my home or my allergies.

Learn from my failures and don’t let your house become the #1 party spot for all the neighborhood dust bunnies. These dusting tips can help keep your home dust-free with the least effort possible.

How to Clean Your House for Unexpected Guests


There’s no denying the holiday season can be a busy time. Between shopping and cooking, there is often little time left for cleaning when guests are on their way. However, you can speed clean your house when necessary. Following are some tips on how to tidy up your house for those unexpected holiday guests that may only give you an hour’s notice before their arrival.