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Yes, I Am Ready, I Am Always Ready

Getting what you want is a matter of persistence. Whatever the situation, or whatever I need to deal with, I remain ready and always ready to get what I want. It is also a deep principle of auto suggestion and hypnosis with yourself also to be consistently ready for an opportunity when it comes. Sometimes the opportunity may come “too immediately” and sometimes you have to wait and look, but it is always somehow there, even if it comes in a strange or unusual form that does not seem like the ideal waiting to happen.

Once, Napoleon Hill told a story about a man named Edward C. Barnes, who wanted to be an associate of Thomas Edison on one of his major ideas or inventions very badly. He was, but he waited five years for it to happen, and it was one of the first “answering machines” known at that time as the Ediphone. The Ediphone seemed like a silly ideas to most of those looking for a great idea to go with Edison on, but not to Mr. Edward C. Barnes, he saw with alacrity and alertness the reward for his persistence and goal oriented work.

I will get to the point of the above, quickly, and I will repeat some of the first paragraph doing it: Getting what you want is a matter of persistence. Reality is friendly to us if we meet it halfway in effort, patience, understanding and tolerance. I am not saying anything about plodding away unrealistically without direction either. I am saying realistically pursue a real goal that is desired and is within your reach.

Another anecdote: I was listening to Beverly “Zig” Ziglar today a few minutes before writing this article and listening well. Sure, I listen to many such programs, right now I am listening to Eugene Tognacci read the Roy Herbert Jarrett book “It Works” and a few hours before that I was listening to a couple of other programs of this nature. Anyhow, that is beside the point. If you are going to genuinely meet reality halfway you have to understand fully those who have met it fully before in the way that you wanted to before you meet it yourself and if you are an original do it the best you can do it at full conscious power, no matter what.

That brings me to a point, the pioneer in anything is the best thing in existence, especially when they are doing their best. For, indeed, that is what I mean by always ready. Like Sal Amato in the “Eddie and the Cruisers” sequel said, play it the best you can play it, that is the secret. To get the results you want genuinely, you must consistently do it the best you can do it and be a perfectionist in the right way, in that you get what you want and do it to the specifications of nobody else. I will leave you room to think, so I end here.

Source by Joshua Clayton

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